Since I don’t have a working home computer, my blog entries will mainly be composed and submitted using my phone or a limited-time access public computer.  Usually I’ll post an entry only to later realize I forgot something important, or the latest draft didn’t save properly so the wrong version posted, or I was rushed off the computer and didn’t have time for a final reading to clean it up.

In these cases I’ll go back to edit, but will stay as true as possible to the original rendering.  Any drastic changes will be re-posted as a new entry with a cross-reference to the former version.

It’s safe to assume that unless otherwise noted, the images used on the blog are not mine.  I usually just get them from a Google image search. I’ve tried citing the image source beneath some of the photos I’ve used and find that the irrelevant wording gives the blog a sloppy feel.  I also noticed that so far I haven’t seen a single source credit on an image used in any blog I’ve read, so maybe it’s really not an issue and I might stop that in future posts.



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