You are Loved


My good people (this means you):

There’s more fragility and vulnerability in life than many people realize.  Please remember, everyone is vulnerable.  Everyone.  Regardless of what others choose to show the world, there is a part of them that is capable of being deeply wounded.  Violence encompasses much more than physical assault—it’s in the messages we send ourselves and others, and we never know just how powerfully we might affect someone.  So when the sun goes down, please, let’s make sure we haven’t said anything or behaved in a way so as to devalue another human being…or ourselves. 

Reach out to people when you need an encouraging word.  Reach out to others who could use an ear or a shoulder.  We can’t all be there for everyone, but we can all be there for someone.  We can’t take care of each other, but we can watch out for each other.  You will not have a heart for everyone; I sure don’t.  But when you have a heart for someone, show it!  And when you don’t, simply be kind.   As much as you can do so without compromising your safety or that of others, err on the side of kindness.  Don’t ever wonder if you should! More kindness—to ourselves, to others, to the creatures and to the earth—can only make our lot better in life.  And don’t let anyone fade away….

Another thing: no matter who you are, someone on this grand planet loves you and thinks you’re beautiful.  At least one, and more probably quite a few.  There are probably people out there caring about you whose existence you barely acknowledge.  Think about that when you’re lonely or discouraged.  Intentional or not, you make a difference in this world, and if that message doesn’t come across in your everyday life, reach out to others and let them remind you until you believe in yourself again.

This fragile tendril of existence that we’re lucky enough to experience won’t even see the full dawn before our species becomes extinct.  Take that knowledge and use this life for wholeness, for goodness. 

If there ever was a gospel that needs to be spread, it is this: Your existence on this planet matters. You are beautiful, and you are loved.


PS~ I’ve written the above in various forms on a couple of occasions and think it bears repeating…and, to be perfectly honest, I often need to be reminded of these very same words….  ~V.


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  1. Saturday, 5-11-2013: Since last night I’ve been worried about someone & just a few minutes ago I thought of this blog entry and wanted to point him to it….so I accidentally clicked my ‘stats’ button, and saw that my blog had one visitor today, and that s/he read this very blog entry, from their WordPress reader….I sure hope it was the one who I/m thinking of, and that he really takes it to heart. I mean it, you…. you matter, you’re beautiful, and you’re loved.

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