“Bienvenido!” and About this Blog


Welcome, and welcome, and welcome again to my blog.  Siddown wit’ a cuppa’ joe, read, reflect, relax… 

About the blog’s title:  In a former life as a Christian, I was fond of the biblical verse from Micah 6:8, “…what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  My religious views have changed considerably since that time, but my desire to walk humbly, kindly, and justly remains. I think that on a purely human level, it’s something all well-meaning individuals struggle with at least now & again.  We want to do the right thing, treat others well, and at the end of the day feel as though the world is better because we’re in it.

I started this blog to record my observations and reflections as I strive to maintain this ideal, not because a god ‘requires’ it, but because it’s the kind of person I want to be.  I’m sure woven into this I’ll be touching on what spirituality means to me as I develop my own from an atheistic point-of-view. Many religious people are under the impression that belief in and submission to a supreme being is required in order for a person to be ‘good.’  And many atheists perceive spirituality as belonging to the wacky world of “woo-woo.”   I disagree with both of these views, but I’m not here to rant on a soapbox.  Chiefly, this blog will be more remniscient of a journal, in that I’ll be using it more to aid in my personal growth.

Courteous comments are welcome and encouraged–please no shouting, name-calling, etc.  Only disrespectful comments will be deleted, as I want people of diverse opinion to feel comfortable posting here.

So, my good people, the path is before us.  Go heat up that coffee, and journey with me, if you will….



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